Friday, January 30, 2015

When Everything Feels Like The Movies

Well there certainly has been ALOT of conversation around this book. Today at OLA we have over 150 people registered for our book talk on LGBTQ Reading Recommendations for Teens; so I thought it would be fitting to post Raziel's response to all the hoopla as well as some of the other pieces.

Raziel Reid’s own response to Barbara Kay’s criticism in The Walrus:
An excellent video/text review in The National Post by books editor Emily M. Keeler and video “Close-Read” columnist Anna Fitzpatrick
Elaine “Lainey Gossip” Lui has also been writing about the book (which she is championing during the Canada Reads debates March 16-19) on her website:

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Chirp is coming to TV!

Everyone's favourite feathered friend will be getting his own show!
Debuting in April on CBC, Chirp and his buddies will have all kinds of adventures.
And of course there will be 4 books to accompany the show: Thar She Blows, To the Peak, Knights of the Awesome Castle, and Crouching Bird, Hidden Bunny    slated for publication in June from Owlkids.

Friday, January 23, 2015

OLA Author Appearances: Day Two

Eric Walters
Below is a list of author appearances for the second day of OLA!

Friday, January 30th

Canadian Manda Group, Booth #217/219
11:00 am - Frank Viva, Young Frank Architect

Dundurn, Booth #428/430
10:00 am - Lucy Liederman, Lives of Kings
10:30 am - Mary Jennifer Payne, Since You've Been Gone
11:00 am - Dayle Furlong, Saltwater Cowboys
11:30 am - Barbara Fradkin, None So Blind
12:30 pm - Ann Dublin, Stealing Time
1:00 pm - Jennifer Dance, Paint
1:30 pm - Philippa Dowding, Jake and the Giant Hand
2:00 pm - Vera Tarman, Food Junkies
2:30 pm - Jennifer Maruno, Totem

HarperCollins Canada, Booth #730/732
10:00 am - Cupcake Toast to Forest of Reading Authors Richard Scrimger (Zomboy) and Eve Silver (Rush)
11:15 am - Jennifer Robson, After the War is Over
1:00 pm - Paul Covello, Toronto ABC

Orca, Booth #410-412
9:30 am - Sigmund Brouwer, Tin Soldier
10:15 am - Eric Walters, Sleeper and Skye Above
11:00 am - Vicki Delany, Juba Good
11:45 am - Melodie Campbell, The Artful Goddaughter
1:00 pm - Leanne Lieberman, Off Pointe
1:45 pm - Jeff Pinkney, Soapstone Signs

Penguin Random House, Booth #716-724
9:30 am - Eric Walters, Say You Will and Hope Springs
10:15 am - Teresa Toten, The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B
11:00 am - Sarah Henstra, Mad Miss Mimic
1:15 pm - Eric Walters, Fight for Power
2:00 pm - Sylvia McNicoll, Best Friends Through Eternity

Publishers Group Canada, Booth #322
1:00 pm -  Special Guest Jon Chan Simpson on his upcoming book, Chinkstar (**this is not a signing**)

Raincoast Books, Booth #417
10:00 am - Jess Keating
11:00 am - Jillian Tamaki

Scholastic, Booth #211
11:00 am - Andrea Beck, Good Morning, Canada
12:00 pm - Frieda Wishinsky and Elizabeth MacLeod, Colossal Canada
1:00 pm - Joel Sutherland, Haunted Canada 4
1:30 pm - Ruth Ohi, Fox and Squirrel Make a Friend

Second Story Press, Booth #419
10:00 am - Rosemary McCarney, Because I am a Girl: I Can Change the World
10:30 am - Rebecca Upjohn & Renne Benoit, Lily and the Paper Man and The Secret of the Village Fool
12:30 pm - Sharon Jennings, Connecting Dots
1:00 pm - Jennifer Gold, Soldier Doll
1:30 pm - Shelly Sanders, Rachel's Hope
2:00 pm - Janet Wilson, Our Heroes: How Kids Are Making a Difference

Thomas Allen & Son Limited, Booth #318-320
10:30 am - Elly MacKay, Fall Leaves
12:45 pm - Caroline Fernandez, More Boredom Busters
2:30 pm - Amanda Orlando, Allergen-Free Desserts to Delight Your Taste Buds

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

OLA Author Appearances: Day One

Allan Stratton
Below is a list of author appearances for the first day of OLA! Be there or be square!

Thursday, January 29th

Canadian Manda Group, Booth #217/219
11:00 am - Mary Hoffman & Ros Asquith, The Great Big Green Book
2:00 pm - Suri Rosen, Playing With Matches

Dundurn, Booth #428/430
10:00 am - Michael Reist, Raising Boys in a New Kind of World
11:00 am - Mark Leslie, Tomes of Terror
1:00 pm - Priscila Uppal, Cover Before Striking
1:30 pm - Suzanne Sutherland, Something Wiki
2:00 pm - Carolyn Harris, Magna Carta and Its Gifts to Canada
2:30 pm - Robert Priest, Second Kiss

HarperCollins Canada, Booth #730/732
11:00 am - Kallie George, Clover's Luck
1:30 pm - Dennis Lee, Melvis & Elvis
3:00 pm - Stephen Marche, The Hunger of the Wolf

Orca, Booth #410-412
10:15 am - Wallace Edwards, Unnatural Selections
11:45 am - Erin Thomas, Forcing the Ace
1:00 pm - Steve Barwin, Hardball
2:30 pm - Helaine Becker, Dirk Daring, Secret Agent
3:15 pm - Patricia McCowan, Honeycomb
4:00 pm - Robin Stevenson, The World Without Us

Penguin Random House, Booth #716-724
10:00 am - Rachel Hartman, Shadow Scale
11:00 am - Megan Crewe, Earth & Sky
1:00 pm - Sam Maggs, The Fangirl's Guide to the Galaxy
2:00 pm - Frank Viva, Outsanding in the Rain
3:00 pm - Natale Ghent, Dark Company

Publishers Group Canada, Booth #322
1:00 pm - Penny Draper, Red River Raging
2:30 pm - Jean Rae Baxter, Freedom Bound

Raincoast Books, Booth #417
10:00 am - Hilary Davidson
11:00 am - Alyx Dellamonica
1:00 pm - Courtney Summers
2:00 pm - Ausma Zehanat Khan

Scholastic, Booth #211
11:00 am - Allan Stratton, The Dogs
12:00 pm - Stella Partheniou Grasso, There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Puck
1:00 pm - David Skuy, Rocket Blues
2:00 pm - Don Cummer, The Hanging Offence

Second Story Press, Booth #419
10:30 am - Sukanya Pillay, Acting for Freedom: Fifty Years of Civil Liberties in Canada
1:30 pm - Kathy Kacer, The Magician of Auschwitz

Thomas Allen & Son Limited, Booth #318-320
11:00 am - Cheryl Rainsfield, Stained
1:30 pm - Jessica Nadel, Greens 24/7
2:30 pm - Kate Parkinson, Grace

Friday, January 9, 2015

Pogue's Basics

Over the holidays I (like everyone) had a huge stack of books to read. On top of the pile was Pogue's Basics. I saw David Pogue speak, who is was the NYT tech columnist for 13 years, a few years ago and was thrilled that he had a book coming out with all of his awesome tips. According to Pogue "this book's mission in life is to collect, in one place, every essential technique you'd think everybody knows about technology-(but you'd be wrong)". It totally rocks! He also has a Ted Talk (below) that is WELL worth watching.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Meg Wolitzer on YA

This piece on YA literature really sums up how I feel on reading YA books...the more the merrier!