Friday, September 28, 2018

Rock and Roll!

Are you a Led Zeppelin fan? I mean, are you really a Led Zeppelin fan? If you answered yes, both times, then you must be DYING to get your hands on the first ever official book by the band themselves! With over 40% of the photos in this book being never-before-seen from band's own archive, while also featuring lyrics, letters, posters and more, this book is a must have for any and all Zeppelin fans.  The official illustrated book 'Led Zeppelin by Led Zeppelin', is out this October 9th from Reel Art Press

Friday, September 21, 2018

New City, New Bookstore

You can learn a lot from a city by visiting it's indie bookstores. Do they focus on the classics and grandeur of the past? Is it named after (or founded by) a famous author, like Victoria, B.C.'s Munro's Books? Maybe it's packed with classics like Sweden's The English Bookshop in Uppsala, or chalk full of modern, photo-op flair like New York's Books Are Magic. Where ever you find yourself in the world, indie bookstores are a must visit. Check out this list on for these bookstores and more on their 10 Must-Visit Independent Bookstores Around the World. 

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Where Will We Be by 2030?

Robot pharmacists, implanted microchip cellphones, and 3-D printed organ transplants were at once considered zany science-fiction - and are still considered ludicrously far fetched today! But over 800 experts at The World Economic Forum would disagree: according to them, these once-impossible advances could be commonplace within the next 12 years! Check out Tech Insiders awesome vision of the future based on what they learned at The World Economic Forum in the video above. 

Friday, September 7, 2018

Go Where Your Stomach Tells You

To Bar-hop on the streets of San Sebastian, or to attend a sushi masterclass in traditional Tokyo? THAT is the real question. Whatever your palette or preference, there is an perfect foodie experience out there for you, and Lonely Planet's Ultimate Eats knows just where you can find it. Still undecided? Take this quiz to find out just what your belly needs! 

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Toronto International Film Festival 2018: September 6th- 16th

342 films, eleven days! The world of cinema is heading to Toronto starting today.

If you find yourself in town and are trying to decide which rush line to queue up for, perhaps you should add these films, inspired by great books, to your list! 

  • Beautiful Boy: Read the book, watch the film 
  • Boy Erased: Read the book, watch the film
  • Donnybrook: Read the book, watch the film. Read the sequel, The Savage.
  • First Man: Read the book, watch the film.  
  • The Front Runner: Read the book, watch the film.
  • The Hate You Give: Read the book, watch the film (world premiere!)
  • If Beale Street Could Talk Read the book watch the film.
  • The Old Man and the Gun: Read the book, watch the film.
Be on the look out for not just celebrities, but some pretty excited authors seeing their work depicted on the big screen!
Cover image - The Hate U Give Movie Tie-in Edition First Man - The Annotated Screenplay 9780374532895

Happy film watching!


P.S.- Canadian Caitlin Cronenberg (daughter of director David Cronenberg) is an award-winning photographer and has a new book out called The Endings that she created with Jessica Ennis. Filled with gorgeous shots of iconic female actresses, the book launches at TIFF and will be sold in the TIFF store.
P.P. S.: PRH lists their books on CataList, and has created a catalogue of titles they publish related to TIFF- Follow this link .  

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Read Science Books, Win Prizes!

Are you a student or teacher? Do you love science-fiction novels, or are a general lover of all things science? This September 20th is National Science Reading Day, and awesome prizes are up for grabs. All you have to do is read! Readings can include non-fiction books, science-fiction novels, science-themed graphic novels, scientist's biographies, and more! For suggested readings, contest rules, and prize lists, check out details here.