Thursday, August 30, 2018

Fiction meets Reality

True Crime style? YA fiction? Sign us up for The Girls podcast ASAP! Adapted from Courtney Summers' forthcoming novel Sadie, this podcast  breaks convention by blending elements of true crime with fiction, and stays true to the events of the novel. In Sadie, the 19-year-old titular protagonist narrates the first half of the book, with fictional radio journalist telling the rest via podcast transcripts. Now that podcast is a reality, available now. Check it out, and get up to date before Sadie hits the shelves on September 4th! 

Monday, August 13, 2018

Your Gateway to

Do you ever get struck by a link to an awesome New York Times article, start scrolling through, and have your heart broken when you're told that the story is for subscribers only? For Toronto Public Library cardholders, those days of frustration are over! TPL has added the NYT to its awesome list of digital subscriptions that already includes the Globe and Mail, the Atlantic, Macleans, and so much more! To access these great sources, via a library computer or your own advice, click here

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Toronto's Best Indies!

Culture Junkie? Second-Hand lover? Activist? What kind of reader are you? Lucky for Torontonians, there is an indie bookstore for just about everybody! Looking to fuel your creative side? Try Page & Panel, or Faith/ Void. Seeking some activist or socially minded reads? Hit up Another Story Book Shop, The Beguiling, or Glad Day. From Steeles to the 401, and everywhere in between, Toronto is packed with great indie bookstores that reflect and celebrate the diversity and passion of the people that live there. Check out NOW's in-depth look at 10 of Toronto's best spots for books