Who We Are

Who We Are

The Dewey Divas and Dudes came out of a program at Toronto Public Library – each spring and autumn they would invite half a dozen publishers to present the highlights of their list to librarians from across their entire system, usually between sixty five and a hundred librarians. While all librarians know the obvious, commercially successful titles, there was an awareness of a need to know about hidden gem’s on a publisher’s list – debut authors, books publishers were very excited about, quiet bestsellers. The benefit of working together was clear right away – no library would pull their librarians together for a half day event for only one publisher, but there is a huge advantage when between three and eight publishers can be represented all at once.
Ten years ago, two of the publisher’s library reps thought other systems might benefit from this kind of presentation as well and the Dewey Divas and the Dudes were born. They have since done presentations to libraries across the country from Vancouver to Montreal. There are eight divas representing over 600 publishers between them – Ampersand, Penguin, Thomas Allen, Canadian Manda, Scholastic, Harper Collins, Martin & Associates, and Random House.

Saffron Beckwith is President at Ampersand Inc. where she has the best job in the world...talking about books with teachers and librarians. She is also an instructor at Ryerson University.

Andrea Colquhoun is the Library and Educational Sales Representative for Penguin Canada. She started as a manager in a bookstore in 1984 and moved to publishing in 1995 with Bejo Sales and then Penguin Canada where she has been with the library market since 2006.  Andrea is an avid reader and is passionate about young adult books and all genres of fiction.

Laureen Cusack is the National Accounts Manager and Library Wholesaler sales representative for Thomas Allen & Son.  She has been working in the publishing industry for over 25 years.  Laureen enjoys literary fiction, biographies and YA fiction.

Tim Gain is currently the Library, National and Toronto accounts sales representative at Canadian Manda Group and has been the primary library rep since 2004. He most enjoys reading literary and historical fiction.

Janet Murie is the National Accounts Manager for Libraries and Educational Retail Markets for Scholastic Canada. She's been working in publishing longer than some of her favourite coworkers have been alive, including a stint as National Accounts Manager at Raincoast Books during the first five Harry Potter books.

Rosalyn Steele has been working in publishing for fifteen years, starting off at H.B. Fenn and Company and currently working at HarperCollins Canada where she is the Director, Library & Academic Sales. A passionate reader, Rosalyn loves discovering new authors -and talking about them to whoever will listen! She also bakes a mean cookie (or so she’s told) and is a slow (but enthusiastic) new runner. 

Margot Stokreef is a partner in Martin and Associates Sales Agency, a sales group that sells to libraries, schools, gift stores,  and bookstores in Ontario and Quebec. She has a passion for young adult novels and literary fiction - and a keen eye for the next break out author. When she is not reading and selling books Margot spends time teaching and practicing Yoga at a studio in west end Toronto. 

Lahring Tribe is a book industry lifer, having worked in bookstores and for a book wholesaler before spending the last 24 years as the School, Library and Academic Manager at Random House of Canada.  Frequently heard to moan “so many books, so little time”, she enjoys reading anything for kids, adult fiction that makes her laugh, mysteries and history, and delights in sharing her finds with other readers.