Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Slow Reading Movement

All readers, but maybe librarians and book reps in particular, are familiar with, and perhaps are even living embodiments of the phrase "so many books, so little time" But maybe we really are just trying to cram too many pages into our busy little brains and losing the real joy of savouring a good book. John Miedema, a library student at the University of Western Ontario, has a very cool blog devoted to the Slow Reading Movement that has some very interesting discussion going on and links to other library news. You can read it here. He's also written a wiki entry on slow reading. He was inspired by Carl Honore's book In Praise of Slow which I highly recommend - an entertaining and thought-provoking look at slow eating, slow driving and slow sex among other activities. Sound advice. Honore's blog has even recently advocated slow blogging. You can read it here. Everyone take a deep, cleansing breath now. And. . . exhale. Feel better? Okay, back to the e-mail.


John Miedema said...

Thanks for the great write-up. Love your blog!

Mary, said...

I found this at the "In Praise of Slow" website:
"In an entertaining and hands-on investigation of this new movement, Honore takes us from a Tantric sex workshop in a trendy neighbourhood in London, England to Bra, Italy, the home of the Slow Food, Slow Cities and Slow Sex movements."
Sounds irresistible!