Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Book Expo Events- H.B. Fenn and Company

Greetings from Vancouver!

The flowers are blooming, the food is fabulous, but more on that later! I thought I should post a list of the authors coming to Book Expo Canada so that anyone planning on attending the show can time their visit correctly to the H.B. Fenn Booth (booth #705).
Listed below are the authors we've got scheduled to sign. I don't know if it is co-incidence or clever planning, but there seems to be a few authors appearing on Sunday whose books would make great Father's Day presents...

On Sunday June 15th

10.00 am- Irene Gammel will be signing her book 'Looking for Anne: How Lucy Maud Montgomery Dreamed Up a Literary Classic'
11.00 am -Nalo Hopkinson will be signing copies of Brown Girl In the Ring (Canada Reads)
12.00 noon-Sleeping Bear Event - Matt Napier (author of the forthcoming 'I Spy With My Little Hockey Eye') will be signing his book 'Z is for Zamboni'. Todd Chapman will be signing 'D is for Dinosaur: A Prehistoric Alphabet'
1 pm Rebecca Eckler will be signing copies of 'Toddlers Gone Wild: Rants from A Mommy Brain'
2 pm -Peter Edwards will be signing copies of 'Delusion: The True Story of Victorian Superspy Henri Le Caron'
3 pm – Fenn Publishing Event- Scott Morrison will be signing 'By The Numbers'. Johnny Bower will be signing a poster for his forthcoming book 'The China Wall' (Fall 08)
4pmMary Swan will be signing copies of 'The Boys in the Trees'

On Monday June 16th:
10 am - Sidura Ludwig will be signing 'Holding My Breath'
11 am - Rachel Manley will be signing copies of the Governor General's Award-winning memoir Drumblair: Memories of a Jamaican Childhood
12 noon
- Claire Delacroix will be signing advance reading copies of her new book 'Fallen' and Gregory Lamberson signing copies of Johnny Gruesome
1 pm - Tina Burke will be signing 'Sophie’s Big Bed'
2 pmEmily Giffin- will be signing 'Love The One You're With'


Gondal-girl said...

am very excited about the Looking for Anne/ Anne of Green gables...enough to pull my own red braids....
have you had a look/ read of it?

Rosalyn said...

I have read it and it is very good. Lucy Maude Montgomery was a avid journal writer but her journals don't cover the creation of the character of Anne. Creating a character so complex and endearing would have been a time consuming process, but if you were to read Maude's journals, it would have appeared the character sprung fully formed into her mind. Maude was also very critical of her own writing, and destroyed/re-wrote journals she didn't want published after her death. So, in order to figure out the inspiration for Anne, the Irene Gammel delved into Maude's life, examining the people she knew, the events of the time, journals in which she published articles, books she read (eg. Trilby) in order to provide insight into her creative process. It is fascinating stuff, and really makes you want to go back and re-read the entire Anne series!

Gondal-girl said...

Hi Rosalyn - just about to buy my Looking for Anne - but I noticed on Amazon Canada that there are two titles, same author, slightly different titles and covers, do you know if they are the same book?