Friday, March 20, 2009

I'll try at least to read this book slowly. . .

Tying in nicely to the Slow Movement is the idea of Slow Reading (alas, not always practical for book reps, but something I try to follow for my pleasure reading). John Miedema, a student in the Master of Library Sciences program at the University of Western Ontario, has been writing about this growing trend in his blog and now has a new book out on the subject, called - wait for it - Slow Reading. You can read how he defines the movement at his blog here. I love this paragraph in particular:
Slow readers often enjoy a sensual relationship with their information — noticing the well-selected binding, paper, illustrations and type; sub-vocalizing or reading the text aloud to hear it. Slow readers prefer books over screens, for the superior readability of paper, but also for the fixity of print. Print captures ideas and gives them a stillness that allows the reader to open deeply to them. The binding of a book captures an experience or idea at a particular space and time. When the reading is complete, you place it with satisfaction on your bookshelf.
John kindly offered his top ten reading picks for our blog back in December, 2007. Congratulations on your new book - I'll certainly be buying a copy and it seems the perfect read for librarians, booksellers and all book lovers.

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