Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Olympic Fever!

I spent an incredible amount of time parked in front of the TV set this weekend watching the start of the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver. I am generally not a big fan of televised sports but the one event I can't peel myself away from are the Olympics, and so much more so when it is being held on our home turf!

I find the whole event incredibly inspiring, for both the human interest stories (I'm sure I was not alone in shedding a few tears when Alex Bilodeau won Gold in Men's Moguls and rushed over to hug his older brother) and the awe-inspiring athletic displays.

I have actually skied down both Whistler and Blackcomb mountains, and it took me all day to get from top to bottom of each mountain. Mind you, coming from the relative flatness of Ontario, my downhill skiing technique involves a lot of (steadying) arm waving, screaming (usually when the skis start to head toward a tree), and falling to slow myself down. It boggles the mind that gold-medal winner Didier Defago from Switzerland completed the downhill course in 1:54:31 for the gold medal!!

Isn't our Women's Hockey Team fantastic? I just caught about fifteen minutes of their game against Switzerland yesterday, but during that time, they scored 3 goals and seemed to be dancing around the other team.

I even forced myself to watch the pairs figure skating, which to me is as nerve-racking as watching a horror movie. I even watch it the same way- through my fingers or with an afghan on my head (so I can see through the holes)- all those dramatic falls and near-misses with flying skates...

This is definitely an event I'll want to remember forever. Fortunately, I have the inside track to a perfect memento of the Games! Key Porter Books will be publishing a commemorative book written by The Canadian Press called Canada's Olympic Diary, which will release immediately following the end of the games. It will follow the Olympics day-by-day, covering all of the events, but focusing in particular on the achievements of our Canadian athletes- exactly what I want to remember!

It will also cover the lead up to the games, the torch relay and be packed with amazing photographs.

Go Team Canada!

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