Friday, June 27, 2014

"Social media won't sell your book."

Hilary Davidson, author of Blood Always Tells, was recently a guest editor on The National Post's The Afterword.
During her stint at The National Post, she wrote an interesting article regarding the misconceptions authors have about using social media as a tool to generate sales. She, herself, uses social media regularly (Twitter, mostly). However, she believes that social media isn't the best platform for authors to sell their wares. What she does think social media is good for is building relationships and expanding your social circle. Like she says in the article, the emphasis should be on the social: "It's about connecting, not selling."
What she's saying, essentially, is that social media is a great way to sell yourself. To build your personal brand. It is a way to engage with readers and people in the industry, but you must always be careful of how your online presence is perceived by others.
To read more about what Hilary has to say about social media, check out her article here.

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