Thursday, October 11, 2018


The space race defined the mid-twentieth century, and culminated in one of the most remarkable achievements in human history. But in one poignant moment the gaze of this incredible, decades-long campaign was shifted from the unimaginable depths of the universe to the rare beauty of our own home. As the crew of Apollo 8 emerged from the dark side of the moon during their orbit, they became the first humans to witness Earthrise - the magnificent view of the Earth breaking the lunar horizon. The pictures the crew scrambled to take would prove awe-inspiring. This incredible documentary by Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee explores this human connection to the earth from space, and contains raw footage of the Apollo 8 Earthrise. Also be sure to checkout James Gladstone and Christy Lundy's beautifully touching picture book Earthrise, that explores the impact and details of the Apollo 8 mission. 

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