Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Splice of a Rep's life. . .

How does one tackle the absolute tediousness of trying to get out of Toronto during rush hour while already dreading a long drive to Ottawa? Well, if you are the Deweys you just look at the map and find a route you've never taken before. We took Highway 7 which had lovely rolling hills and twisty bends and beautiful colourful countryside. This route took us through Peterborough where we stopped for dinner and a stretch. It's been over 20 years since I was last in this city but what a charming downtown. Thank god all the shops were closed or we'd never have reached Ottawa. But then there is always the trip home. How can you resist wanting to pop into a lingerie shop called I See France? (I see London, I see France, I see - insert name here - 's underpants). We dined at a very cool tapas restaurant called Splice where against our waiter's friendly advice that four dishes might be too much food, we cheerfully defied him and polished off the lot. Then we drove through a lock, and continued on to Ottawa with a beautiful harvest moon shining out in front of us and awkwardly parallel-parked into the very last hotel parking spot around midnight. Now we're off to do a Dewey for a school board and then tomorrow we'll tackle our first sell of the Spring 2008 season.

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