Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Best Books of 2007 - Dewey Picks Part 3

Two more Top Ten Lists from the Dewey reps for H.B. Fenn and Simon & Schuster Canada.

Rosalyn's List:

1. Heartsick by Chelsea Cain
As Lahring puts it ‘Into everyone’s life, a little fluff must fall’! This book made me laugh hysterically and was an action-packed romp from start to finish. Criminals have kidnapped Bobbie Faye’s good-for-nothing brother, and are demanding her Contraband Queen tiara (the only thing of her mama’s she has left) as ransom. With the clock ticking, Bobbie Faye has to outwit the police, organized crime, former boyfriends, and a hostage she never intended to take in order to rescue her brother, keep custody of her niece, and get back in time to take her place as Contraband Queen in the Lake Charles Contraband Festival parade.
3. The Blood of Flowers by Anita Amirrezvani
4. The Terror Dream by Susan Faludi
This examination of the cultural impact of 9/11 will both shock and educate the reader.
5. The Elephant & Piggie series by Mo Willems: Today I Will Fly! /My Friend is Sad! /I am Invited to a Party! /There is A Bird on Your Head
6. Ottoline and the Yellow Cat by Chris Riddell
Little Mouse takes the reader through his many fears, from ‘whereamiophobia’ (fear of getting lost) to ‘Teratophobia’ (the fear of monsters). The book is a masterpiece of design, from it’s ‘mouse nibbled’ die-cuts to the fold out map of the (mouse-shaped) ‘Isle of Fright’ with labels such as ‘Wide Eye Lake’, ‘Mount Apprehension’, ‘Loose Bottom’ and the towns of ‘Balking’ and ‘Great Wimp’. This is a book that benefits from multiple readings- each time you’ll discover something new in the illustrations.
10. Black Book of Secrets by F. E. Higgins

Eleanor's List:
1.On Borrowed Wings by Chandra Prasad - A great read, reminiscent of the movie Yentl that Barbra Streisand starred in . Adele assumes the identity – and gender – of her deceased brother to gain entrance into Yale. Read and find out how this tale of deceit plays through.
This is part social history and part coming of age – totally intriguing , very well written and researched.
2. Ice Trap by Kitty Sewell
3.Wife in the Fast Lane by Karen Quinn
4. The Wilde Women by Paula Wall
5. Waiting to Surface by Emily Listfield
6. Billie Standish Was Here by Nancy Crocker
7. Lacemaker and the Princess by Kimberley Brubaker Bradley
8. The Miner's Daughter by Gretchen Moran Laskas
9. Indie Girl by Kavita Dawasni
10. When the Black Girl Sings by Bill Wright

Nonfiction pick:
To Cork or Not to Cork by George M Taber - Wonderful book for anyone who enjoys drinking wine or sharing unusual tidbits about wine over the dinner table. Taber traces the history and use of cork from Ancient China through to Middle Ages, Renaissance and into today and also discusses how cork has been challenged by screwtops, plastic, glass and even zork! There is also talk about memorable characters and pivotal moments in wine production, consumption , and storage. A great read for the inquisitive as well as the wine lover!

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