Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Oh, Boris!

Poor Boris – he’s trying very hard to fit in at his new school, but all of the other students are afraid of him because he’s so scary, hairy and grizzly (he’s a bear, after all). Even his teacher, Mrs. Cluck, is getting a little frustrated with Boris because he keeps breaking things. Boris’ classmates avoid him, and he feels lonely, until one day on the way home from school the students are surrounded by a group of bullies called the rat pack. Suddenly, being scary, hairy and grizzly isn’t so bad. Boris saves the day and the other little woodland creatures learn to accept and appreciate Boris for who he is. The illustrations are wonderful, particularly Boris’ funny facial expressions.

Oh, Boris! by Carrie Weston, illustrated by Tim Warnes.
For ages 3-7.

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