Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Inspector Norse: Kenneth Branagh takes on Kurt Wallander. . .

Kenneth Branagh is currently getting rave reviews from the London theatre critics for his portrayal of Chekhov's Ivanov (and oh, how I wish I could see this production!). But this article in the Guardian on Branagh's comeback, also shows a photo of him playing Inspector Kurt Wallander in one of three films that he is shooting for the BBC. They will be airing this fall in England but hopefully will cross the pond soon. While waiting, you could dip into the terrific series by Henning Mankell; the films are based on the novels Sidetracked, One Step Behind and Firewall. The British press is already affectionately dubbing this series Inspector Norse - hee hee - and I think Branagh will definitely do the character justice.

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