Sunday, November 30, 2008

A little home cooking in Cobourg. . .

The only thing book reps really dislike about travelling is that often you have to stop for a meal along the highway and the pickings can be pretty slim. We've been spending a lot of time this fall on the stretch of the 401 between Ottawa and Toronto and the 5-6 hour drive necessitates at least one meal stop. And just by chance on Friday night as two of us were coming back from Prescott we found a terrific little gem (we were talking so much in the car, we didn't really notice where we were and just decided to get off at the next exit with a food sign, which turned out to be Cobourg) where we discovered The Buttermilk Cafe on the main downtown street, just opposite the town hall.

Oh bliss - just what a weary, hungry rep longs for - delicious, healthy home-cooking (trans-fat free no less), friendly staff, cosy, shabby chic decor with a sophisticated twist, discreet music in the background that isn't blaring your eardrums and did I mention the food? I highly recommend their French onion soup and they have a buttermilk lemon pie to die for ! Very reasonably priced as well. They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and I think we've found our new favourite pitstop. And yes, they do very good lattes as well.

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