Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Libraries nominate their faves - the IMPAC longlist. . .

The longlist for the rich International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award has been announced - this is the one where the books are nominated by libraries around the world. It's a large and diverse list (great for early gift ideas) and interesting, I find, not only for the books listed, but where the nominations came from. For instance Douglas Coupland's The Gum Thief, gets a nod, not from a Canadian library, but from Barcelona. My favourite - Jonathan Coe - is there with his latest, The Rain Before It Falls, nominated by libraries with impeccable taste in Portugal, Belgium and Greece. Another fave - Catherine O'Flynn's What Was Lost - is on the list courtesy of Belfast, Liverpool, Birmingham and Toronto and Halifax (YEA!!!!). And the whole world loves Michael Ondaatje - his latest, Divisadero - is also in the running thanks to Winnipeg, Cape Breton, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, South Africa, Poland, Ireland, Florida and Conneticut.

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