Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fallada's son on Charlie Rose. . .

I've been pressing Hans Fallada's Every Man Dies Alone - my favourite read this spring - into every reader's hands I know. Fallada died before the book was published in 1947, but his son Ulrich Ditzen recently travelled to the U.S. to talk about his father and the book. He recently appeared on Charlie Rose and MobyLives has posted the video here, where Ditzen, along with New York Times critic Liesl Schillinger, who in her review called this book the "signal literary event of 2009", and Dennis Johnson, the publisher of Melville House which is committed to bringing many of Fallada's previous novels back into print, discuss the novel, the real life couple that inspired Fallada, and the two other works of his now available - The Drinker and Little Man, What Now?
Definitely worth a look and if you haven't picked up this gripping and heartbreaking novel yet, what ARE you waiting for?

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