Friday, May 1, 2009

The most amazing fall lists ever!. . .

I'm halfway through sales conference for the fall books and let me tell you, recession or not, there are so many fantastic books to look forward to, I just can't help but be optimistic that our industry is going to stay strong despite all the current economic challenges.
Unless you've been living under a rock the last two weeks, you'll know that there's a new Dan Brown novel called The Lost Symbol coming on September 15th. But in addition, just read and salivate over this line-up of amazing authors - many of them Canadian - who also have new books out this fall (and these are just the riches I'm lucky enough to represent - I can't wait to hear what the other Deweys will be selling):

And that doesn't even include all the exciting new debuts, international writers in translation, children's literature (new Meg Rosoff and Kate DiCamillo and a new book by Carol Ann Duffy - just appointed today as Britain's new poet laureate, the first woman to hold the job), and re-issued classic treasures that I'll be talking up in the fall (can't wait to read this for example). My rep's cup (and catalogue pile) is truly brimming over, or as the title of Atwood's new novel proclaims, it really is The Year of the Flood. I have manuscripts scattered around my apartment. My Sony e-reader (filled with more manuscripts) and I have become inseparable. I may start weeping with joy at any minute.

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