Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Ghostwriter. . .

If you are in the mood for a really good old-fashioned thriller - the kind that instead of knocking you over the head the obvious, instead relies on an intelligent script, great acting, and atmospheric music - then check out Roman Polanski's The Ghostwriter, based on Robert Harris' novel The Ghost. It stars Ewan Mcgregor (who has never looked more appealing) as the title character, (we never find out his actual name) who is hired to help out former British Prime Minister Adam Lang (played by the charming Pierce Brosnan) to pen his memoirs. Only someone doesn't want the book published; the last ghostwriter who took on the job ended up murdered. At the same time, demand for the book is high as Lang is all over the media, accused of international war crimes for ordering the torture of four prisoners. The movie has a great ensemble cast including Tom Wilkinson as a university professor with old ties to Lang, and Olivia Williams who plays Lang's long-suffering wife. And the movie contains the most suspenseful scene probably ever filmed at a book launch; a few publishing jokes are also thrown in.
Ironically and rather eerily, the movie opened (in Toronto at least), just days after the announcement that Tony Blair's memoirs would be published in September. Note to any CIA operatives who may be reading this: I DO NOT have a copy of the manuscript!

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