Monday, May 31, 2010

What Happens When Book Reps Go To See A Movie Like Sex and the City 2. . .

. . . instead of looking at the clothes or the shoes or maybe the guys, (okay, maybe Aidan) - we look instead at the books. Well you can't help it when you sell all of them (I didn't stick around through all the credits to see if Random House got an acknowledgement). But in case you're curious:

Samantha's bible for dealing with menopause is Suzanne Somers' Breakthrough.
Miranda's guide to the customs of the Middle East is Kuperard's UAE - Culture Smart!

When Carrie can't get to sleep, she's reading Nancy Mitford's The Pursuit of Love and Love in a Cold Climate.

And Charlotte? Well, I didn't quite catch any glimpse of the book on the kitchen counter, but I'll bet the recipe for those cupcakes she was making came from this.


Anonymous said...

Hey Maylin;

I do the same thing. We have been watching reruns of the Sopranos (for time four, so I know the plots) and I have been intrigued by Carmella's reading -- Memoirs of a Geisha and so on -- and the interesting discussion of homosexuality in Billy Budd. I realize this is too literary for the Sex and the City (2) crew, but is still fun for book readers.

Maylin said...

Yes, I've heard Lost also has lots of literary references but I've never watched the show.

Anonymous said...
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