Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ashley Spires...is there anything she can't do!

We are all very excited that there is a new Binky out! Ashley Spires is one of those people who can illustrate and write! I can barely string two words together and the best thing I can draw is a daisy (it is pretty good!). I just found out that she is also a style icon! The Post did a feature on her blog Drawn Out Wardrobe. "The Best Message Ever" is a post about a message she got on Facebook from about her new book:

 "Dear Binky, He came into my classroom today. You know, the boy who dislikes hates detests reading. He has quit more than two books since the start of school--four days ago. He stood near my desk and told me straight up, "I hate reading." I'm so glad you live in my classroom, Binky. I walked right over to you, picked you up gently, and introduced you to this boy. This boy who took you out of my classroom over The Lunch Lady and Sidekicks. This boy who took you back to study hall and hid himself behind the door so he could read more than the first couple pages I read to him. This boy who left school with a smile saying, "I love that book!" This is what you do, Binky. You live in my classroom and make best friends with readers. Thank you."

And that, people, is why I do what I do.

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Perogyo said...

What a fantastic story!! We are big Ashley Spires fans too. It makes sense that she is a fashionista too, as Larf was very fashionable!