Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nobody Does it Better

The British singer, Adele, performs the theme song for the latest James Bond movie, which opened on Friday. Since the first Bond film hit theatres 50 years ago a lot of big stars have recorded songs for the movies – singers like Madonna, Tina Turner, Louis Armstrong, Gladys Knight, and Tom Jones. In the 1960s, songs like Goldfinger - sung by Shirley Bassey - battled it out with the Beatles for the spot at the top of the music charts. Big hits like Live and Let Die by Paul McCartney & Wings and Nobody Does it Better, by Carly Simon, took on lives of their own apart from the movies.

The Music of James Bond gives the back story on the songs from 22 different movies, offers interesting anecdotes from behind the scenes, and is a lot of fun to look at because it features over 100 b&w movie stills.

“Both casual fans and 007 aficionados will find this book to be enlightening, informative, and great fun to read” – Leonard Maltin

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