Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Favourite PICTURE Book of the Season

It's soooooooo hard to choose but here it is. IN THE TREE HOUSE is set on backdrop of the night of the Eastern Seaboard blackout and is the story of two brothers growing up; one faster than the other. Sara Ellis gave it a starred review in Quill and Quire and had these lovely word's to say...so it's not just me!!!

“In the Tree House by Andrew Larsen demonstrates another potential for the picture book, that of a parallel story enacted in the illustrations (ably provided here by Dušan Petričić). In a few perfect words, Larsen captures the idyllic nature of that summer. The turning point of the story is a blackout. I've never seen a picture book that so perfectly captures the pleasure of such an event. Larsen's text is full of delights, simple sensory details that capture a mood. To these crisply written words, Petričić brings his own rich dimension of narrative and character.”

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