Tuesday, July 16, 2013


We're really excited for the Canadian launch of Bookaboo, a fun new TV program on Kids' CBC that's already seen great success in the UK and won multiple awards.

The eponymous main character is a rock star pup (a drummer, to be specific!) who "needs a story a day or he just can't play." Each episode features a celebrity guest that reads children's books with Bookaboo, and the episode ends with the superstar pup playing an epic drum solo! Some of the great titles being featured on the TV show are Scaredy SquirrelStanley's PartyToads on Toastand My Thinkamajink.    

CBC is launching Bookaboo during CBC Kids Days on July 17 and 18. Mélanie Watt, author of the popular Scaredy Squirrel books, will be in attendance to read Scaredy Squirrel with Bookaboo. Word on the street is that Scaredy will make an appearance, too!

Bookaboo will air daily on the CBC at 10 am.