Sunday, January 24, 2016

Author Events at the 2016 OLA Superconference

The Dewey Divas & Dudes are looking forward to the OLA Superconference January 28th & 29th! 

Here's a summary of the author signings that will be happening at our booths during the trade show this year. Even if you can't make it to a signing, please drop by and say hello! 

You can also pick up our lists of new Dewey Diva picks for Winter & Spring/Summer and enter a draw for a great prize pack of books. 

We hope to see you there! 

 Thursday January 28th

10:00 AM: Kenneth Oppel, The Nest HarperCollins Canada- Booth 730/732
10:00 AM: Patricia StormsThe Ghosts Go Spooking Scholastic Canada- Booth 211

10:30 AM: Allison Day, Whole Bowls Thomas Allen & Sons- Booth 318/320
11:00 AM: E. K. Johnston, A Thousand Nights Canadian Manda Group- Booth 217/219
11:00 AM: Barbara Reid, Read Me A Book and Sing a Song of Bedtime- Scholastic Canada- 211
12:00 PM: Don CummerBlood Oath Scholastic Canada- Booth 211
12:30 PM: Joel A. Sutherland, Haunted Canada 5 Scholastic Canada- Booth 211
1:00 PM: Teresa Cascioli, M is for Money: The Storybook Vol. 1 Canadian Manda- Booth 217/219
1:00 PM: Lena Coakley, Worlds of Ink and Shadow HarperCollins Canada- Booth 730/732
1:00 PM: Kelley Armstrong, City of the Lost  Penguin Random House Canada- Booth 716-724
1:00 PM: Jennifer Mook-Sang, Speechless Scholastic Canada- Booth 211
1:00 PM: Toko Hosoya,  A, B, C Animals and 1, 2, 3 Sea Creatures Thomas Allen- Booth 318/320
2:00 PM: Terry Fallis, No Relation & Tanis Rideout, Above All Things Penguin Random House Canada- Booth 716-724
2:00 PM: David Skuy, Last Shot Scholastic Canada Booth 211
3:00 PM: Karma Brown,  The Choices We Make HarperCollins Canada- Booth 730/732
3:00 PM: Mahtab Narsimhan, Mission Mumbai Scholastic Canada- Booth 211

Friday January 29th

10:00 AM:  Evan Munday, Loyalist to a Fault: The Dead Kid Detective Agency #3 Canadian Manda Group- Booth 217/219
10:00 AM: Stella Partheniou Grasso, Five Busy Beavers Scholastic Canada- Booth 211
10:30 AM: Jennifer Robson , Moonlight Over Paris HarperCollins Canada- Booth 730/732
11:00 AM: Frank Viva, Young Charlotte, FilmmakerCanadian Manda Group-Booth 217/219
11:30 AM: Helaine Becker, A Porcupine in a Pine Tree Scholastic Canada- Booth 211
11:30 AM: Caroline Fernandez, Boredom Busters and More Boredom Busters Thomas Allen & Sons- Booth 318/320
12:00 PM: Emil Sher, Young Man With Camera Scholastic Canada- Booth 211
12:30 PM: Amanda Sun, Heir To The Sky HarperCollins Canada- Booth 730/732
1:00 PM: Frieda Wishinsky, Survival: Shipwreck! Scholastic Canada- Booth 211
1:30 PM: David Carroll, Sight Unseen Scholastic Canada- Booth 211
2:00 PM: Leah Bobet, An Inheritance of Ashes Scholastic Canada Booth 211

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