Friday, June 7, 2019

Eve Ensler & The Apology: Toronto Talks

Eve Ensler, author of The Apologyand most known for her  bestseller-sensation The Vagina Monologues, was in Toronto yesterday (June 3rd) for an event with the "In Her Voice" series produced by Ben McNally Books. Taking place at Victoria College, and moderated by Denise Balkisoon, the event provided inspiring and moving insights to all those who attended. We wish Eve well as her book tour for The Apology, published by Bloomsbury Books, continues its route into Chicago!

Eve Ensler also had an interview with Anna Maria Tremonti for CBC The Current on the morning of June 4th which will  be broadcast on Tuesday, June 11. Topics of discussion included atonement, trauma, and sexual violence.

One more thing: Eve Ensler was interviewed by Judith Gerstel for Zoomer Magazine, which you can find here.

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