Thursday, October 31, 2019

John Landis`s Favourite Monsters!

DK Publishing has put together a fabulous interview with John Landis, a revered film director, where he discusses all his favourite monsters in the history of cinema, just in time for Halloween! Of course, Mr. Landis has some esteemed experience in the horror genre, directing both the classic film An American Werewolf in London, and Michael Jackson`s `Thriller` music video, after Jackson saw the movie and was incredibly impressed. His list includes Frankenstein, King Kong, The Creature From the Black Lagoon, and other celebrated monsters in the history of film, coupled with insights both from Mr. Landis`s childhood memories and behind-the-scenes knowledge of how these films and their characters were brought to life on the big screen. Isn`t it so cool to learn where legendary creators take their inspiration from?

To read the full article, click the link here

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