Tuesday, April 22, 2008

In which we attempt to get to Edmonton. . .

Just got a group e-mail from back at the office apologizing for the air conditioning being on the brink with promises it will be working soon. Sigh.
The snow has stopped in Calgary and so we're off to try and make it to our afternoon presentation in Edmonton. There's a bit of the highway closed due to a jack-knifed tractor trailer but I missed the bit on the news that said which side of the highway was closed. Anyways, if we're late, you'll know where we are. . .


Libarbarian said...

Southbound QE2 was closed, so your route north should be, uhm, fine. Just keep humming Ian Tyson's "Springtime in Alberta" to cheer yourselves up:

Just like spring time in Alberta
Warm sunny days, endless skies of blue
Then without a warning
Another winter storm comes raging through
And the mercury's fallin'
I'm left all alone
Just like spring time in Alberta
Chills me to the bone

Maylin said...

I love this comment - I wish we'd had this song in the car. Instead we got a little silly and girlish with 1980s pop songs. But they got us through!