Friday, October 10, 2008

Carmindy Event Update

It was such a pleasure to meet Carmindy, the author of Get Positively Beautiful this past Wednesday. As I mentioned in an earlier posting, she was in Toronto to promote her book and did a book signing at a Sephora store. I am still cursing myself for forgetting my camera at home in the rush to get downtown. If you can believe it (and you should), Carmindy is even prettier in person than on the program What Not To Wear. It was evident she genuinely cares about her fans, as she took time to talk to everyone in the line, and had something nice to say to everyone. When my turn at the front of the line came, we chatted briefly about the book's focus on teaching women to stop being so negative about their appearance using the techniques in the book. We both agreed that it is a particulary important message for teens- it is amazing how bad experiences early in life can flavour our opinion of ourself much longer than they should!

So, now to the giveaway portion of this posting! Are you a teacher or librarian in Canada who is a Carmindy fan or works with teens/women to help build self esteem? If so, send me an email at - I have five copies of the book to give away. Please include the full mailing address of your library or school mailing with your e-mail. I'll add a comment when the five copies are spoken for!

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Rosalyn said...

Thanks so much for the interest expressed in this book. The five copies have now been spoken for.