Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Importance of Buying Ernest

Ernest is a moose, a very big moose, and one who is VERY determined! You see, there is this book, a nice new orange picture book, and Ernest REALLY, REALLY wants to fit into it. But alas! No matter how Ernest struggles to shunt, shimmy, shuffle in one way or squidge, squodge, or squeeze in another, he is JUST TOO BIG! But fortunately for Ernest, he has a VERY resourceful friend- a little chipmunk. Together, with some sticky tape and odd bits of paper, they build an extension to the book so that Ernest fits in perfectly!

I LOVE this new picture book from Catherine Rayner, author of Harris Finds His Feet, which recently was awarded the 2009 Kate Greenaway Medal. It is perfect for reading aloud in front of a group of kids for storytime at your library (or to your thirty-something-year-old sister who is still a child at heart)! The simple text and descriptive words lend themselves to dramatic storytelling, and the lovely illustrations are nice and big so kids will be able to see them from across the room. The large gatefold ‘extension’ that the friends build to help Ernest fit into the book makes this book better suited for the storytime shelf than for general circulation, but nonetheless, this appealing story and characters are bound to become a favourite with children and storytellers alike.

Besides, how could you not love Ernest? Just look at that mug- Ernest is adorable!

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