Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holidays. . .

Isn't this book wreath cool? And you don't have to rip up some masterpiece - I'm thinking this could be a great way to recycle galleys, or cheap paperbacks you'll never read again, or even books you've accidentally dropped into the bath (I can't be the only one who's done that!) into something beautiful. Instructions come from a crafty blog called Living With Lindsay - you can see step by step photos here.
I found this post via my favourite interior design blog, Apartment Therapy, which has just posted a 2009 wrap-up featuring decorating ideas for your personal library and ways to decorate with books. Get inspired here. I am so on the hunt for the perfect bookcase that will also act as a headboard.

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Anonymous said...

I belong to a book club in which I am the only non-librarian. When it came to my turn to review my book,Brick Road, I opened it up to a marked page. There was an audible gasp. If one is going to present a book, one must mark up said book...naturally. But one does not mark up books in the company of librarians. Now I use post-it's. I would love to take this wreathe to my next book club meeting!