Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Scrabble Scuffle. . .

Mobylives has this report on the rules of Scrabble changing to allow proper nouns, apparently to entice more teenagers who can think of more rappers with a "Z" in their name, than words, to play. Not so, says the Wall Street Journal - the company is just introducing a new type of game called Scrabble Trickster that will have all sorts of new rules. Not only will you be able to use proper nouns, but also spell words backwards.

You could always play it the Dewey Diva way. No proper nouns, but for every word you create, you get a bonus point for being able to use it in a book title. Three extra points if you've read the book, but everyone else around the table who has read it also gets three points. This is also a great way to discuss books while you're playing.

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