Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Black Bottle Man

Black Bottle Man is a genuinely spooky read. Set in the 1920's dust bowl Prairies, it is about a trio of families, two of who, are desperate for children. A black bottle mysteriously appears with instructions on what to do if they want to succeed in their desires. Of course it is too good to be true and they have (un?)wittingly sold their souls to the Devil. When the Black Bottle Man comes to collect his due, he makes another deal with them...he won't collect as long as all the male members of the family keep moving every 12 days. Rembrandt, is the teen in the book who must accompany his father and uncle on this who seemingly impossible quest.
Great Plains is a publisher based in Winnipeg; and their teen fiction has really taken off. If you want to hunker down with a good old gothic page turn, i would recommend Black Bottle Man.

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