Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day, or Should That Be Eaarth Day?

Eaarth: Making a Life On A Tough New Planet by longtime environmentalist Bill McKibben should be essential reading for every citizen. The first half will completely depress you as the author outlines all the irreversible damage we've done to this planet, mostly over the last fifty years. We have so changed the chemical and physical composition that it even needs a new name, hence "Eaarth" (if you drag it out long enough I think it sounds like a cry for help). The second part suggests what we need to do, not only to slow down the process of global warming but to adapt to the changes which have already happened and are here to stay. There's a very good interview with McKibben at The Walrus website. You can read it here. He also talks about the organization he helped found - - so called because scientists estimate that 350 parts per million CO2 in the atmosphere is a safe level for humans (we're currently around 390 parts and it's increasing). Check out their excellent website and get a copy of Eaarth either for yourself or to press especially into the hands of teens and students. We're relying on them!

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Shonna said...

I just took this one out of the library this week. I look forward to reading it even more now.