Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Guide to Bradbury's Short Stories. . .

Each week at his Listen to the Echoes blog, Sam Weller, who is not only Ray Bradbury's biographer, but teaches a university course entirely devoted to the writer, will offer his choice of  favourite Bradbury short stories.  As he writes: 

These stories will embody all the trademarks of vintage Bradbury: the lyrical language; the fantastic, original, and memorable ideas; and endings that sometimes surprise, sometimes sadden, always instruct and entertain. This list will be entirely subjective. These are my favorites. They will reflect a wide range, from weird tales to social science fiction to quiet and contemplative tales of contemporary literature. These tales are pure and classic Bradbury—our modern mythologist.
A great introduction to this prolific writer's work. I'm certainly following along - what's one story a week?

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