Tuesday, September 21, 2010


It's very hard to pick a favourite book of the season (maybe harder than picking a favourite kid as there are soooo many to choose from); BUT I am going out on a limb and choosing SPORK. This totally wonderful book is about a Spork...he's not a spoon and not a fork, so how does he fit in this multi-cutlery world? Coming from parents of different nationalities, Maclear is a self proclaimed Spork. She wrote this book for her new born who would be a Spork times two. Governor General Award winning illustrator, Isabelle Arsenault totally nails the pictures and they are not too sweet or heavy handed. The New York Times recently gave a sweet review of the book. Maria from Tinlids has also picked this book as one of her faves and has put a trailer for it on their website. Check it out...because deep down, aren't we really all Sporks?

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