Monday, October 18, 2010

Canadian Bookshelf

We all get why Canadian books are important: we need to preserve our stories, see ourselves in our literature, have a Canadian POV and so on. The question that many librarians and readers have is how? How do we find books that are Canadian. Well the wait is almost over. The ACP has initiated an on-line source to find all books Canadian. As of Friday, October 15th, Beta Testing will begin on Canadian Bookshelf . Think of Canadian Bookshelf as an interactive, intimate virtual library stocked with more great books than you can ever get through in a lifetime. The goal of the website is to deliver an authoritative online platform that lists all Canadian-authored titles currently available and that makes it easier for librarians to discover and sort these titles by theme, reading level and/or curriculum linkage. The intent is to have the site publicly launched early 2011.
Any librarians or educators that are interested in this project can follow the blog at They are also looking for people to help with the Beta testing. If you are interested you can go to the site and submit your e-mail. Teachers and librarians are a key component of this site so they are looking for your input.
Happy Monday!

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