Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Baking. . .

I've been travelling quite a bit this month so it was nice to finally have a relaxing Sunday at home.  And I really wanted to bake - something I haven't done in months.  Browsing through Nigella Lawson's scrumptious new cookbook, Kitchen, I decided to make her Flourless Chocolate Lime Cake (page 281).  Rosalyn is the real chef among us Deweys, but I do like the way Nigella conversationally writes out her steps; even I can follow along.  She's also no Martha Stewart so the photos of the finished cake will have the odd crack in the crust or mislaid crumb.  Hence, my cake came out looking almost identical to hers.

I thought the combination of chocolate and lime might be a bit odd, but the cake is wonderfully moist, which I'm guessing is due to the lime juice, or possibly the ground almonds. At any rate, it has a nice chocolatey taste that isn't too sweet and the lime doesn't overpower.  And it was really simple to make.

I've been a fan of Nigella ever since I found out she loves Marmite as much as I do (how often do you find that ingredient in cookbooks?) and in Kitchen, she does have a recipe for Spaghetti with Marmite (page 49) which I will definitely try. On my recent trip to London, I found THE most wonderful snack combination - oven roasted cashews coated with Marmite. Honestly, they were delicious! The best flavour pairing since chocolate and peanut butter. I'm already hounding my UK friends to send me some more.

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