Monday, October 4, 2010

Joel The Barbarian Librarian!

Ok this is FABULOUS!!! Joel Sutherland AKA The Barbarian Librarian, recently submitted this video for his application to the TV show Wipeout. The author of How to be a Writing Superstar, pulls out all the stops and shows us what librarians are REALLY like underneath. I hope he gets on the show and kicks butt!

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Joel Sutherland said...

Thanks for sharing the video with your readers! I had a lot of fun thinking of all the ways I could turn typical librarian tasks into physically demanding feats.

And I've got good news to share: I've been selected to be one of the 260 contestants (out of 45,000 applicants nationwide!) to appear on the first season on Wipeout Canada! I'm leaving in six days to face the course in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Wish me luck as I try to prove to the world that librarians can be as tough and crazy as anyone else!