Tuesday, May 8, 2007

On the road....in Whitby

A delightful Dewey day. We were presenting in Whitby this afternoon - their new central library is absolutely stunning. I need to start bringing my digital camera to these events so I can post pictures of some of these buildings - it's so wonderful to see communities paying attention to the aesthetics of libraries and reading/studying places. Hmmm, I can see a themed road trip in our future. There aren't any pictures of the Whitby Central Library on their website but there is an computer image here, though it really doesn't do it justice. Tons of natural light just floods the space. Inspirational quotes welcome you in. There's also a very lovely Presse Cafe inside - I give their yummy latte a 9/10!
We were invited by a committee of the Ontario Library Association which has really been pushing for a greater attention to readers' advisory events and training. Kudos to them! I love this type of event where librarians from a whole bunch of surrounding systems come to hear us talk about the books we love. And we're always grateful and somewhat humbled that so many are willing to drive quite a distance. So a big thank-you to those librarians from Kingston, Napanee, Cobourg, Oshawa, Stouffville, Markham, Lennox and of course the Whitby hosts (I hope I didn't forget anyone!).
I do have to admit to a secondary motive for loving the trip to Whitby. I live in downtown Toronto and so the concept of suburban outlet stores is pretty alien. The ones along Highway 2 are particularly enticing and so I had to sucumb to a little retail therapy on the way home. Mind you, an hour after popping into one store after another, I noticed a familiar figure in the parking lot. It was the other "downtown" Dewey who had had the same idea and lack of will power. Yep, that's the Dewey way - we promise to pump money into the local economy wherever we go!
Off to Ottawa next. I hear the tulips are out!

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