Saturday, May 26, 2007

You can't go back again...

So the only thing wrong with wanting to act like a big kid and go down a huge waterslide in your hotel is that the same thing will occur to the oh, twenty or thirty real kids also staying there, who completely hogged both slides (how dare they?) shrieking and running around like tiny, little sugar addicts. And were the parents - i.e the adults - joining in the fun? No- they were watching from afar in the hot tub. Call me self-conscious, but I just couldn't bring myself to join the line-ups, being the only one over 3 feet tall. From 5pm to 9:45pm (the waterpark closes at 10), I kept periodically checking in to see if the coast was clear, but I swear every kid in the city was there. And all their visiting cousins too. Don't kids have proper bedtimes anymore? I gave up at 9:45 and had a hot bath instead. Hopefully this serious situation will improve after the weekend is over or I may have to corall every rep staying in this hotel and organize a take-back-your-right-to-take-back-your-childhood posse. Stay tuned. It's getting personal between me and that slide now.

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