Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Xlerator sightings

Okay, we admit to not having much of a life (we're too busy reading!). But the three of us got overly excited to discover the new installation of Xcelerator hand dryers in the washrooms in the corridor outside the auditorium of the Ottawa Public Library (yes, the same ones we found in Edson, Alberta - clearly they are spreading across the country). And yes, we were geeky enough to take a photograph. But really, trust us - they are unlike any other hand dryer you will ever experience!

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Anonymous said...

oh my gosh! i have just been poking through your archives, because you are currently my no. 1 blog-to-get-book-recs-from and i totally love you ... but my point is that i cannot believe you featured the xlerator! from my first encounter with the machine (rowdy hall, east hampton, ny) i declared it the best thing ever and have since actually exlaimed in delight to find it elsewhere. which probably just means i'm a dork, but a dork who is happily not alone in my enthusiasm.