Friday, June 1, 2007

Long days...

Though we're a few weeks away from the equinox, it feels like the middle of summer here in Saskatoon. The morning light starts pouring through my hotel window at 4:30am and since I wake up automatically with natural light, I'm wide awake by then. Last night I went out to see a play by a local theatre company. Great play, unfortunately badly acted - or overacted I should say. There's no reason to shout out your lines at the top of your voice to an audience of 15. Shouting doesn't give much room for character inflection either. But the best thing was coming out of the theatre at 10:20pm and being able to walk back to the hotel while being engulfed in a gorgeous sunset. I stood on the Broadway bridge and glanced over at the lights on the University bridge reflected in the Saskatchewan river and thought that if I'd had a few drinks in me AND my contacts fell out into the water AND I squinted - for a few seconds, I could imagine I was in Paris. But to be honest, I haven't really found any reason for Saskatoon to be called the "Paris of the Prairies", although it's a lovely city in its own right.
It's day 9 on the road and I'm ready to go home. Feet are hurting. I found myself scanning all the crumpled clothes in my suitcase wondering if I could find anything to match my comfortable lime green running shoes and still look professional.

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