Tuesday, June 5, 2007

No duds here

The New York Review of Books has just re-issued Elaine Dundy's wonderfully funny novel Dud Avocado, but their edition is not available in Canada (you can still get the Virago edition here though). However, thanks to Maud Newton, who got permission, you CAN read Terry Teachout's introduction to the NYRB edition here. There is also a link to a fun interview with the 85-year old Dundy. In the intro, Teachout compares Dundy's writing to another favourite author of mine - Dawn Powell. If you've never read this incredibly witty and perceptive woman, you are really missing out. I highly recommend her New York novels, in particular Turn, Magic Wheel and The Locusts Have No King. Perfect summer reading for fans of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Mary McCarthy, or Dorothy Parker (both Dundy and Powell are funnier and without the mean streak).

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