Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Potter Parties Galore!!!

Harry Potter Parties Galore!!!

At the KWAC office

Friday night was Pottermania! After an exhausting day talking to accounts about Harry Potter, who for the most part, very excited, our office went out for a well deserved dinner. However...we had to dash as one of our accounts did not have their books...we literally had to hunt for the lost truck, stop traffic and jump aboard to make sure the driver got the books to the event on time.

The lost truck

After we went up to the Indigo store at Manulife where they had a ginormous street party with magicians, a bouncy castle performers and all sorts. The store itself was 5 million degrees and was jammed packed with people in costume.
Countdown clock at Indigo

Our next stop was Mabel's Fables where the atmosphere was very and adults were lined up around the block in anticipation of the moment. Eleanor LeFave set the atmosphere with lit candles and a flute player. There was a definite hush over the crowd as they were counting down the minutes.
The lovely Witches at Mabel's Fables

Flying Dragon had a real mixture of adults + kids; who were being entertained with goodies and magic tricks provided by Cathy Francis and her crew.
Party at The Flying Dragon

First customer to get his book at Book City
Our last stop was my local book store: Book City on the Danforth, where at this point people's emotions were at a fever pitch. Not as many costumes there but the age range was the oldest I'd seen. Customers started counting down the last minute and when it got to the last ten seconds, it was pretty deafening! The folks at the beginning of the line literally screaming when they got their book.
As for me, the kid's were away for the weekend so both my husband and myself were able to spend all day Saturday reading and we both finished that day....and it is definitely worth the wait!!!

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