Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Summer Reading

I saw Markus Zusak at BEA where he was speaking about The Book Thief. He was wonderful + told a hilarious story about his childhood in Australia, where he finally got his back on his brother. It may seem odd to want to curl up with a book about (and narrated by) Death; but that is what I am looking forward to reading.

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Amy Wachspress said...

I just discovered your blog from an article in Shelf Awareness newsletter. Let me mention that I just finished The Book Thief and it's one of the best young adult (or ANY adult) novels I've read recently. I am Jewish and rarely read about the Holocaust anymore because it's too disturbing. The point of view and story in this book was so unusual and refreshing I was very happy to read it. Highly recommended.
I also want to mention that I have recently published a children's and young adult fantasy adventure with all Black characters that demonstrates the fundamental principles of nonviolence as practiced by Dr. King. This is a terrific read, good read aloud for the whole family. Check out the reviews on the page at Amazon. You can visit my website at www.wozabooks.com and I really hope you will review this book. It has been quite popular with Canadians. Mark and Andrea Blevin at Just One More Book loved it. If you don't know who they are you owe it to yourself to discover them at www.justonemorebook.com.