Monday, March 31, 2008

Check out this Pop Up book!

I love the start of a new selling season, when samples of the new books start arriving on my desk. It's particularly exciting to get the children's materials, as I never tire of the thrill of discovering (now favourite) books like Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus by Mo Willems or Bad Kitty by Nick Bruel months ahead of anyone else!

I just received a sample of a wonderful pop-up book- ABC3D by Marion Bataille- which is coming out in October from Roaring Brook Press. Normally, pop-up books are a format that doesn't really lend itself to the educational market, but I think an exception should be made for this book. It's got a lenticular cover and an eye-catching three-colour interior and takes you through every letter of the alphabet in a completely unique way. Pop-up books are hard to describe in writing, so to see what I mean, check out the Utube Video made for the book. It's a great video, and it has become somewhat of a phenomenon itself, having already been viewed almost 290, 000-odd times (as of a few minutes ago).

I can definitely see teachers (and parents) using this book with children to help make learning the alphabet a painless experience. Now, I'm going to have to learn that piece of music so that I can hum it while I show the books to buyers...

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