Tuesday, March 4, 2008

On the road. . . in Thunder Bay

Not a work-related trip, but I flew up north last weekend to attend my brother's wedding. It was my first trip to Thunder Bay, and even though my initial reaction to a winter wedding that far north was one of horror, we actually had terrifically mild weather all weekend.
There was plenty of time for taking walks around the downtown area. This shot was taken in a small park at the top of Bay St. where you can just glimpse the Sleeping Giant in the background. I can only imagine how lovely it must look in the summer. If you go down Bay St. towards the water, you'll pass the Calico Coffee House which sells organic coffee and makes great lattes (I have a homing instinct for them) and has cozy booths and a fireplace. Just a few doors down is the Hoito Restaurant where we feasted on the famous Finnish pancakes for lunch. And a few doors down from that is Finnport full of wonderful items by Finnish designers, including of course lots of Marimekko! I bought a bag, some material to make cushions with, and a pair of these fun and happy socks! You can buy from them online. Trip Outdoors, at 29 Cumberland was having a great sale on outdoor gear and in particular Sierra Designs clothing; I think all the wedding guests popped in there.
My brother's new in-laws have a farm about half an hour out of the city where they keep bees, (we all got some home-made honey to take home) and where their neighbours catch trout (barbequed fresh just a few hours after - yum). So this urban diva got a good taste for Northern Ontario and their warm hospitality, and a good time was had by all. But after three days of houses full of guests, two active, excited dogs, and many energetic (but very cute) children under the age of five, I will admit to breathing a tiny sigh of relief after it was all over, and I was quite happy to escape to the peace and quiet of the city.

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