Saturday, March 23, 2013

The School For Good and Evil - A Spellbinding New Middle Grade Novel

One of my picks for Spring/Summer is a funny, completely engaging debut middle grade novel from Soman Chainani called The School For Good and Evil. For those who love fairy tales re-imagined, this is a must read! 

Two best friends live in a village in the middle of an endless forest where all the children in town read fairy tales voraciously. Every four years, two children are snatched from the village by a School Master- one taken to a school for good, one to a school for evil. Those who survive graduate into fairy tales. 

The lovely Sophie is certain she is a princess and is desperate to be the one taken so she can win the prince of her dreams. Her friend Agatha, is plain and lives in a graveyard. She suspects that those who are taken meet with a foul end, so she tries to save Sophie from the School Master. Her plan backfires as both girls are taken. But the story REALLY begins when Agatha is deposited at the School for Good and Sophie at the School for Evil. As Sophie juggles her 'Uglification' and 'How to Train Your Henchmen' homework with plots to get into the school she thinks she belongs in, Agatha plots to find a way to get both girls home. But first, there are balls to attend, boys hearts to win, mysteries to solve, and magical curses to thwart!

The School For Good and Evil is funny, inventive and has a good (but not preachy) message about the beauty inside and the power of friendship.    

If you aren't intrigued already, I bet you will be after checking out the book trailer below!


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