Wednesday, December 17, 2008

For book lovers. . .

I blogged awhile ago about two biographies that were trying to get at their subjects (Oscar Wilde and Adolf Hitler) through a perusal of their libraries. Now Ali Smith, one of my favourite writers (if you haven't yet read Hotel Room or The Accidental, well, you know what you can ask Santa for. . .), gives us a personal glimpse into her's. The Book Lover is a new anthology of writing that has been an major influence either on her writing or her life, and it's packed with terrific stuff from well-known writers like Atwood or Plath, to some surprising inclusions such as Billie Holliday. This is a fun idea and a great collection to browse through and be inspired by. A great gift for your bookish friends who already seem to have read everything.

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special librarian said...

i am so glad you blogged about this book! i just picked it up awhile ago and i am so excited to read it. ali smith is a fantastic author... i loved 'the accidental' and if you haven't read her earlier novel 'like' i would recommend that as well.

thanks for featuring such an exciting book, and all the best this holiday season!